Sample of Video Editing done while at Mission 2009-2012
H&S Bakery:
This video was completed in mid-2011. I was lead video editor as well as associate producer. I animated the text at the end titles (beginning with "Always Fresh Thinking"), and another employee made the rest of the titles for the video.

DAP HR Video:
Roles for this project included associate producer, script supervisor, client manager, lead video editor, and art director for animations. It was produced in 2011 while working at Mission.

Powerplant Holiday Light Show:
Created for the Cordish Company on behalf of Mission. Produced this video at the end of 2011. Directed the video shoot and was lead video editor.

Original Safe Sleep PSA Video for Baltimore City Health Department:
*Trigger Warning: emotional material
This video was created for the Baltimore City Health Department, while working for Mission Film. I acted as associate producer, script supervisor, project manager, and editor for this project. The titles were designed by graphic designer Tracy Brauner of Mission and I animated them for the video. I also edited accompanying shorter TV spots, as well as editing together variousĀ :15 and :13 radio spots and taking still photography for the print campaign.

Safe Sleep Radio Spot: